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News from the Auditor's Office: Local Stats & Costs of the 11/6/18 General Election
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The Decatur County Auditor’s Office has compiled some procedures, statistics and costs associated with the recent election in an attempt to inform the voters and answer some frequently asked questions.

Over the course of an election cycle, Auditor’s Office staff are frequently met with the reply, “Really??  I didn’t know that.”  With the November 6 General Election now behind us, and as we are all still relieved not to be bombarded with “those commercials,” the Decatur County Auditor’s Office has compiled some procedures, statistics and costs associated with the recent election in an attempt to inform the voters and answer some frequently asked questions.

·         Absentee Voting

o   926 ballots were requested (918 domestic and 8 military/overseas)

§  There were 435 in-person absentee requests

·         In-person absentee ballots must be voted in the office and may not be taken home by the voter

§  There were 491 mailed absentee requests, plus 5 re-issued

·         An absentee ballot is only issued upon the completion of an absentee ballot request form and must be mailed to the voter, regardless of how the request form was received by the Auditor’s office

·         Cost to county per mailed ballot for postage (county pays delivery and return) currently $1.71/ballot for total of $848.16

·         40 ballots were not returned

·         886 mailed ballots were returned and counted

§  Absentee ballots are counted locally by the absentee precinct board on election day; results for the absentee precinct are not made public until after polls close

·         Satellite Voting

o   Satellite voting must be offered upon receipt of a valid and timely-filed petition signed by at least 100 residents of the county and must remain open for a minimum of 6 hours

o   Ballots cast at the General Election satellite voting site = 17

§  Less than 3 voters per hour

o   Cost to county for the election workers’ hours at the site = $270

o   Cost per ballot voted at the site = $15.88/ballot

·         Election Workers

o   Includes the required training, the satellite site workers, the nursing home team workers, the results runners, post-election workers (tallying write-ins, post-election audit), plus reimbursement for mileage

§  Total cost to county for election workers hours/mileage = $5,729.75

§  Tallying write-ins, includes tallying all fictional (examples: “No,” “My dog,” “Anyone but him/her”) and blank (target marked, no name written in) write-in candidates: 3 election workers, 1 ¾ hours; office staff then spent an additional five hours compiling info and updating results with write-ins and “scatterings”

·         Election Production, Programming & Ballot Preparation

o   The November 6 election included 23 ballot styles: 1 for each of the 16 townships and 1 for the city/cities in each precinct

o   Total cost to county to vendor, Henry M. Adkins & Son Inc. = $7,746.48

·         Publication of Notices

o   Total cost to county = $586

·         Post-Election Audit

o   For Decatur County, the Absentee precinct was randomly selected by the Secretary of State’s Office, so at least 50% of the absentee ballots cast were required to be counted for the post-election audit

o   Result of machine count compared to post-election audit hand count = 100% match

·         Total cost to county for absentee ballot postage, election workers, ballot prep and production and publications = $14,910.39

·         Voter Turnout by precinct

o   Bloomington/Fayette/Lamoni = 65.09%

o   Burrell/Hamilton/Morgan/New Buda/Davis City/Pleasanton = 68.28%

o   Center/Eden/Leon = 67.60%

o   Decatur Twp/Decatur City = 70.13%

o   Garden Grove Twp/High Point/Woodland/Garden Grove/LeRoy = 70.56%

o   Grand River Twp/Richland/Grand River = 74.33%

o   Franklin/Long Creek/Van Wert/Weldon = 67.81%

o   TOTAL = 67.72%

o   Countywide, there are 4,383 registered voters


For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Auditor’s Office at 446-4323, via e-mail at


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